SR 70 Roundabout

  • Project Type: Transportation
  • Sub-Project Type: Roadway
  • Design Year: 2014
  • Client: FDOT District 1
  • Address: Bradenton, FL

Connelly & Wicker was the designer for the new roundabout constructed at the intersection of SR 70 (15th Street East) and 9th Avenue East in the City of Bradenton. Originally contracted by FDOT District 1 to prepare plans for additional left turn lanes on 9th Avenue East, the project was reevaluated using the FDOT’s procedures in the Manual on Intersection Control Evaluation. A modern roundabout was selected as the best cost option for this intersection. The design required the development of the roundabout geometry, acquiring FDOT Central Office approval, establishing right-of-way requirements, modifying the existing storm sewer system, preparing traffic control plans, lighting design and layout, and assisting the FDOT with utility coordination including a Utility Work by Highway Contractor agreement with the City of Bradenton. This project was constructed in 2019.

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