I-75 at SR 24 (Archer Road)

  • Project Type: Transportation
  • Sub-Project Type: Interstate, Lighting
  • Design Year: 2015, 2019
  • Client: Department of Transportation
  • Address: Gainesville, FL

Connelly & Wicker was the designer the operational improvements to the I-75 inter change at SR 24 (Archer Road) in Gainesville, Florida for the Florida Department of Transportation. Additional lanes were added to both northbound and southbound entrance and exit ramps to reduce delay. An additional lane and bicycle lanes were added to SR 24 (Archer Road). To improve safety, the project include the design of LED lighting to improve pedestrian visibility. The project included bicycle lane and sidewalks. The project required elevated lighting levels due to traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks, and extensive utility coordination including a Utility Work by Highway Contractor agreement with Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). The design effort included pavement design, earthwork, drainage and pond design, signalization, extensive maintenance of traffic design, utility coordination, signing and pavement marking, and storm water & wetland permitting.

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