City of Williston: Safe Routes to School

  • Project Type: Transportation
  • Sub-Project Type: Sidewalks and Paths
  • Design Year: 2012
  • Client: FDOT
  • Address: Williston, FL

This project included the design of 3.25 miles of concrete sidewalk on 11 off-system roadways throughout the residential communities of the City of Williston in Levy County, FL to provide safe pedestrian routes to Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Careful attention during advance scoping enabled this project to be delivered without the use of a design survey, significantly reducing the schedule and project fee. Proactive correspondence with the Department Safety Coordinator & on-site meetings with the local Construction Office resulted in a final design that was constructible and mitigated property impacts without compromising safety in areas containing substantial project constraints. Project Scope also included Signing & Pavement Marking Design.

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